More Media Lies About HIV

The BBC have done it again! They are disseminating propaganda as if it were news and unfortunately it is the lack of ‘science’ behind their ‘news’ that is causing real harm.

To explain, a story has recently emerged about 3 women who have died, supposedly as a result of stopping their HIV medication in order to let God heal them.

The first paragraph of this story reads, “At least three people in London with HIV have died after they stopped taking life saving drugs on the advice of their Evangelical Christian pastors.”

This is wrong on a number of levels, but in this blog I shall only deal with 2 of them, the ‘placebo effect’ and ‘HIV infection’.

Firstly, the placebo effect is widely known throughout the medical establishment as it is part of their ‘control’ mechanism for testing the efficacy of new treatments; in fact the double-blind, placebo-controlled study is regarded as their ‘gold standard’.

It is also well-known that during a double-blind, placebo-controlled study many participants in the placebo group will experience some improvement in their symptoms, which is interesting considering that they have only been taking a sugar pill.

Furthermore, and less widely known, there is the phenomenon of ‘spontaneous remission’, which refers to the complete disappearance of a ‘disease’ without any treatment at all.

It is clear that there is a proportion of the population who are able to improve their condition without the use of pharmaceutical products.

These results from the placebo effect and spontaneous remission prove the well-known phenomenon of the power of your mind, or the power of your beliefs.

There is a great deal of scientific evidence to support this phenomenon, which is ignored by the medical establishment for obvious reasons as it questions the need for the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason that everyone does not have the same response to placebos is quite simply that people have different belief systems. This may provide an explanation to the question of why some of the people mentioned in the BBC story were ‘cured’ and others were not.

The power of beliefs is explained more fully in our work on The Nature Of Reality, which you can access by clicking HERE

The other element of the story is the problem with ‘HIV infection’ and the concept of the ‘life saving drugs’.

Quite simply, truly unbiased, scientific evidence proves that HIV is not a pathogen, therefore it cannot ‘infect’ anyone, and more to the point it cannot kill anyone.

You may find that this statement challenges everything you have heard about HIV and AIDS, but that does not make it false.

It is an example of another piece of scientific evidence that is suppressed because it is not in the best interests of the pharmaceutical industry and is therefore kept from the general public by a largely compliant and uncritical mainstream media.

Most drugs should only be stopped under professional supervision and with a regimen of reduced dosages that taper off over time, because people can suffer from powerful ‘withdrawal effects’ from drugs, which can be dramatic and even fatal, something that is not mentioned in the BBC article.

It is quite possible that the 3 people who died fall into this category. But whether this is what happened in this case is not explained in the article and, without further investigation, is only speculation, however it is a point worth making. It is also worth noting that these points are not mentioned in the BBC article, which a really ‘balanced’ report would have mentioned; another example of the very biased reporting by the mainstream media.

What are more likely causes for these deaths are the toxic drugs that were prescribed for them in combination with other toxins that had accumulated in their bodies from food, water and the environment.

The BBC article ends with the following:
‘The recent House of Lords committee report into HIV awareness said faith groups’ approaches to supporting people with HIV had improved but more needed to be done.
“It is essential that faith leaders engage with HIV as an issue and provide effective and truthful support and communication around the subject,” it said.’

This would be laughable if only it were not so desperately tragic.

It is the mainstream medical industry and the mainstream media that do not provide ‘truthful support and communication’ about HIV. It is time that THEY were truthful about the issue so that people stop dying as a result of their lies.

It is definitely time to ‘provide effective and truthful support and communication around the subject’ of HIV once and for all. It is time that they took note of the real scientific evidence instead of the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

If you would like more in depth information on the real story concerning the virus known as HIV, I heartily recommend Dr Peter Duesberg’s book, ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’; the title says it all. This book should be an essential part of the reading list of every medical student, except it won’t be whilst the pharmaceutical industry is in charge of medical training.

If you would like to know more about the problem with the ‘germ theory’ and why germs do not make you ill, please read our book, which you can access from the link HERE

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